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Old West Academy
 (formerly Majestic Ranch)

Offering an unique opportunity for 7-14 yr. olds to learn the value of responsibility and hard work in a ranch setting

Old West Academy School

For more information on Old West Academy, please fill out the information request form by clicking HERE.

animal husbandry at Old West Academy
Girls Dorm at Old West Academy

Old West Academy is a Specialty Boarding School, with an excellent academic program, for elementary and junior high students ages 7-14. Old West Academy is located on a beautiful and peaceful 2,000 acre working ranch. The ranch setting is conducive to encouraging positive changes and provides an excellent opportunity for the students to learn responsibility by assisting with ranch duties. Children help with calving, lambing, caring for cows and sheep, and other ranch activities. The child's insight, awareness and perspective is broadened while participating in these meaningful processes.

The Old West Program is designed to help young people build character, acquire self discipline, develop stamina, increase self esteem, gain respect for others, and develop an appreciation for the simplicities in life. The Old West Academy is located on the Utah side of the Wyoming and Idaho border in the rural community of Randolph. The staff specializes in working with preteen and early teen children who are having conduct and behavior problems.


Small classes and ideal student to teacher ratio, help create an extremely progressive academic program. More advanced students can complete courses on a accelerated basis, while those that progress a little slower can move at a pace consistent with their abilities, and have tutored assistance when needed.

Therefore students are never held back by less progressive students or teacher schedules. Each student is assessed upon admission and then assisted in developing a course of study appropriate for them.

Credits earned by students at Old West are accredited and transfer to the majority of public schools throughout the USA. Equine Therapy Old West Academy

Behavior Modification

Old West Academy, will become your child's home away from home. They will associate with their own small assigned group that becomes their support system assisted by the family support staff member who works specifically with that group. Changing behavior is accomplished in a nurturing way, with a lot of well clarified boundaries. High standards and expectations are established for the kids. Inappropriate behavior is confronted, reprimanded and re-directed by suggesting alternative choices. Consequences are assigned, but never include physical or corporal punishment. On the other hand, appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. A merit system is used requiring each child to earn their status and privileges through a standardized program using a system of levels that encourage achievement.


Both on and off-campus activities provide a nice balance of recreation, exercise, learning, personal development and social opportunities. Initially all activities are on grounds. As a child advances in the program they earn privileges for rewarding off grounds activities. Old West Academy is located 20 miles southeast of scenic Bear Lake with all of it's summer and winter recreation. Additionally, the ranch is only a few hours away from Grand Teton and Yellow-stone National Parks. The summer is full of different activities, bike riding, camping and hiking. The winter is also filled with winter sports, inside recreation, and local sporting events.

Personal Development Courses 

Students participate daily in tightly-integrated Emotional Growth and Personal Development Courses. These courses effectively utilize resources, such as audio and video tapes, selective reading material, and group feedback sessions. Group feedback sessions are key in this program for developing self-awareness. During these sessions students begin to open up and learn to communicate appropriately. These sessions also address what is or isn't working in their lives. The greatest impact is hearing other kids in their group provide feedback to one another about appropriate or inappropriate behavior. The kids are held accountable for supporting each others positive actions while denying their negative behavior.

TASKS (Teen Accountability, Self-Esteem and Keys to Success)

Students participate in a series of seminars designed specifically for Old West Academy. During the TASKS seminars and work shops, kids work on important issues like: accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, making choices, responsibility, anger and most importantly, self-esteem. After a child has completed their series of seminars then the parents are invited to attend a Parent Seminar and two Parent/Child Workshops. The parent/child work shops are designed to assist each family in rebuilding their communication and family harmony.

For more information on Old West Academy, please fill out the information request form by clicking HERE.

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